spring coming

Songs of Body


composed, choreographed, and directed by Michelle Sui


in collaboration with


costume design & assistant direction / Amanda Roberge


scent & glass design / Goldie Poblador


lighting design / Elizabeth Stewart 


sound design / Zach Rosenberg 


software & tech design / Josh Gordonson



Lake Studios Berlin


Friday Apr 15, 2016 8PM


Scharnweberstrasse 27, Berlin, Germany 



Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/267135173626473/





Why is it that I’m here and not there in so small fragrance

like one tongue in speech could not move me

yet you 

yet someone 

but I don’t know why it is interchangeable 

like bread or my mother’s milk 

Songs of Body


Rachel Kent / Amanda Roberge / Michelle Sui


Photos by Alana Bonilla